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I Found Jesus At A Walmart

The Burress Family
About The Burress Family

On May 22, 2013, Tom Burress who you hear sing most of these songs and the writer of all of them took his heavenly flight. Please continue to pray for the Burress Family as they struggle to continue on and to do the work that Tom left behind. I pray these songs will be a great blessing to you as Tom was all about ministering and reaching people. We know there is a great homecoming very soon where we will be reunited with Tom and all of our loved who have passed on who was ready to go as Tom as was. God bless all of you - Sincerely - Vonda Burress (wife), Amber Applegate (daughter), Mark Applegate (son-in-law) and Ireland Dewitt Applegate (grandson) who carries on his middle name (Dewitt).

For many years “The Burress Family” has carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to many, many people across this great country, through singing and preaching. “We have watched in awe as God has performed some of the most awesome miracles that we have ever seen”! Open blinded eyes! Open deaf ears! Cause the cripple to walk again! See numerous drug addicts, alcoholics, and sinners set free through the power of the “blood” of Jesus Christ!! “PRAISE GOD”!! Playing and singing for the Lord is all Tom & Vonda have ever known.

Tom has written over a “2,000 songs" in his 30 plus years of songwriting and he writes every song that The Burress Family sings and records. Other artists that have recorded his songs are: Mark 209, Ernie Dawson and Heirline, The Cooke Brothers, Teddy Huffam and the Gems, Ken Holloway, Hunter Erwin, Faithful Crossing, The Wilson Family, Ron Cheney, Crosswalk, Steven Scott, Tommy Moseley and many, many more.

The Burress Family” has had several charting songs on such national charts as The Singing News, Gospel Music News, The Christian Voice, Power Source, CGC Top 100, and many other national charts!!

They have sung and been in services with groups such as The Crabb Family, Gerald Crabb, Willis Canada, Steve Warren, Steve Wilson & the Wilsons, The Crist Family, The Bowlings, Mike Bowling, The Partons, the Bowman Family, Betty Jean Robison, Jody Brown Indian Family, the Browders, Wade Spencer, Young Harmony, as well as many other artists.