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They Gently Whisper

album: Anticipation
genre: Southern Gospel

They Gently Whisper
The Trinity Heirs
About The Trinity Heirs

The Trinity Heirs, of Richmond, Kentucky, accepted the call to gospel music ministry in 1990. Songwriting has always been an important part of their ministry and Singer/Songwriter, Beverly Holman Sparks, has written over “65 of the songs that The Trinity Heirs have recorded. Their latest album is titled, “Anticipation,” and contains “eight” original songs. Beverly’s songs have been described as “story” songs and songs with “meat” in them. The group’s songwriting and vocals are very unique and anointed.

While they have enjoyed singing on cruises, a flight to sing at a church in California, singing on promotional showcases, radio tours, television programs, previous recordings with a major record label (Eddie Crook Company/MorningStar Records), and having some songs to chart, they claim their most exciting and rewarding experiences have been those in which souls were saved, touched or helped by God working through them in their ministry. Their desire is to be the first partakers of the message they bring. Their calling and goal remains to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs and testimonies; pointing the lost to Jesus and bringing encouragement to the body of Christ, all for the glory of God.

Ronnie and Beverly Sparks (both founding members), and Barbara Smith (member since December 2013), make up the trio today. Barbara’s husband, Danny Smith, is the group’s sound technician and he also helps with bookings and wherever he is needed. Ronnie and Beverly’s son, Brian Sparks, also travels with the group and often sings a solo and they share the incredible testimony of his life’s journey with cerebral palsy.