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The Ball Brothers

By Charles Brady, 2015-10-26

Anyone who thinks a Christian young person is "missing out" on something, has obviously never met the Ball Brothers. These brothers, Andrew, Daniel, Stephen and Josh are young, exciting and love to have a good time doing what God has called them to do. "We like to have fun!", says Daniel. "No one told us siblings couldn't be best friends." The bond these brothers have is an integral part of their unique musical blend. Their youthful energy is apparent to all who meet them and enjoy their exciting live performances. The Ball Brothers showcase a creative confidence and intuitive grasp of harmony that would be rare in artists twice their age.

Central Illinois, where the guys grew up, is more known for flat farm land, than singers. Yet at an early age, The Ball Brothers began practicing the beautiful harmonies that would catapult them into the spotlight. When they began singing with their family, these young men entered into a strong tradition of family harmony groups in gospel music. However, The Ball Brothers bring their own youthful energy to these traditions, creating a style that encompasses all that is great about the family groups of the past with their own unique sensibilities.

With their mix of new and old, The Ball Brothers have great potential to appeal to a broad audience. They will surely attract young people with their exciting performances and older audiences will enjoy gospel harmony at its finest. No matter the age or musical preference, the Ball Brothers have a fresh sound that will appeal to everyone.

In 2006 the Ball Brothers were introduced to thousands of Gospel music fan's at sold out events all across America on the Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Summer Tour. They performed numbers off their debut self-titled CD. In addition to the great success of the summer tour, in 2007 the Ball Brothers made a special guest appearance on EHSS certified gold selling DVD "Get Away Jordan" plus guest appearances on the extremely popular Gaither Homecoming Video Series.

Despite the rapid climb towards success, the Ball Brothers remain focused on their goal of reaching people through music. Andrew states, "When we started off a couple years ago, we had dreams and goals and it's amazing to see how God has helped us meet them. Right now we're focusing on the future . . . " The future for the Ball Brothers includes a National Christmas Tour with special guest Roy Webb and a full Christmas project.

In addition to wowing listeners with their music and expanding their musical horizons, the Ball Brothers take pride in living their lives practicing what they sing. They have a calling from God to see souls touched and people encouraged through their music. With their talent, energy, and the Lord behind them, the Ball Brothers can look forward to even greater recognition for their incredible talents. One can expect that the Ball Brothers will be a fixture in gospel music for many years to come. 


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Ball Brothers
About Ball Brothers

The Ball Brothers are two brothers, Andrew and Daniel Ball along with brother-in-law Chad McCloskey and newcomer, Matt Davis.  The group travels world-wide, singing their distinctive brand of Christian music.


When it comes to the Ball Brothers, forget what you know about other "gospel quartets." Because this unique group stands in stark contrast to many preconceived notions regarding traditional quartet music, the Ball Brothers have found life "outside of the box." Tenor vocalist, Andrew, states, "We're a younger group and we're a different kind of group. At first, it was a struggle trying to imitate other groups and fit into the proverbial 'southern gospel mold'. We finally stopped apologizing for what we weren't and have embraced the uniqueness of our God-given voices and harmonies. Since then, our musical horizons have expanded, and our ministry has really taken off."

Since their formation in 2006, the Ball Brothers have rapidly made their mark in Christian music by finding a musical balance between the old and the new. "We've never been to a place where every person in the audience was the same age. On the contrary, most places we go have a mixture of young, middle-aged, and older people. So, our music style and song selection is based around that blend. It's great to see a grandmother and granddaughter worshiping together and enjoying the same music. We get to see that on a regular basis," says lead vocalist, Daniel.

What can someone expect when they hear the Ball Brothers? A mix of musical styles, melted together by tight, four-part harmony. Each song is hand-picked to be message-driven, and theologically sound. Their goal is to spread the message of the Gospel and encourage believers.

One won't have to look very far on the internet to find out what the Ball Brothers are like "behind the scenes." The guys have a popular Facebook series called, "Rollin' with the Ball Brothers" that offers an inside look into their ministry and lives on the road. "Rollin' with the Ball Brothers” is our way of tearing down the divide that sometimes separates us from our audience. We're not interested in promoting ourselves as "rock stars." We're interested in showing everyone how God can use "normal" people for His honor and glory," says Daniel.

From over 40,000,000 online video views, to Gaither videos, to national television appearances; from Youth Conferences to Senior Retreats; from Sunday morning worship service, to Saturday afternoon at the state fair; the Ball Brothers thrive in a balanced ministry, carving out a sound and approach that is uniquely their own. Regardless of your age or musical preference, the Ball Brothers invite you to see and hear the difference.