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Give a Guy a Break (Revived)

Give a Guy a Break (Revived)

album: Radio Release
genre: Faith Country, Christian Country, Country Gospel, Southern Gospel
Dave Pickett
About Dave Pickett

Singer/songwriter Dave Pickett has a word of hope for this nation in his debut single release, "Give a Guy a Break (Revived)." It's a timely message designed to encourage its listener to help another who is hurting; it gives a voice to so many who feel left behind in our post COVID-19 lockdown-ed, hyper-inflated, and jobless nation.  Help build HOPE in your community. Our savior Jesus, laser focused our intended daily top-priority, stating: "Personally work daily on one's relationship with God, and intentionally and actively Love your neighbor as yourself every day to the best of your stewardship ability."  (Matt 22).  The Apostle James followed: "Faith without evidence of that faith, is dead" (James 2).  So, engage Dave's concept: 'Bsum1-4sum1' today.  See http://www.DavePickettsCountry.com for details."