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One More Time Will Do It

Day Three
About Day Three

Scott Washam, Amy Dunnam and Rhonda Wooten have been involved in Gospel Music dating back to the early 90's. Scott and Rhonda have both sang in various groups and Amy Dunnam had a successful solo ministry. On July 25, 2014, God planted a vision of "Day Three" in the hearts of Scott and Amy.  The two would soon pick up Bo Sullivan and the original Day Three formed.  As time passed, Bo came off of the road leaving a void not only in the group, but in our hearts.  We knew that God had someone special to take his place.  He was aligning Day Three with Rhonda Wooten to join our ministry. We never dreamed that singing with our friend Rhonda would be possible.   

Many have questioned Day Three on how they came up with their name, some make references to Resurrection Day. And although that is the popular answer, it's the incorrect one! Look at what God created on the third day. He prepared the soil to take seed and bring forth new vegetation. That is the goal of Day Three. To plant a 'Salvation Message' and 'God Loves You' seed in the hearts of every listener.  Rhonda, Scott and Amy just want to be used by Him to spread the good news!