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album: Radio Release
genre: Faith Country,NashvilleCC,Christian Country,Country Gospel, Southern Gospel
Julie Seymore
About Julie Seymore

Julie Seymore was born in Bloomington, Indiana and currently resides in Little River, SC. She was raised in the Pentecostal church and sang in church choirs, played piano and lead worship for several years. 

Julie grew up around music and always enjoyed many different genres. From country (Wynonna Judd), Jazz (Diana Krall) Blues ( BB King) old school Gospel and Southern Gospel ( Karen Peck), Julie loves the type of songs that reach way down to your soul and move you. 

While growing up she recalls sitting in front of the television watching the Gaithers videos and as different artists would sing their songs, Julie was wishing she was right there behind the mic singing a solo in Bill Gaithers presence! Watching the response of the audience, as they laughed, clapped, or wiped tears from their eyes, Julie knew from her childhood that one day she wanted to be one of the people who could sing to a crowd and experience that joy and see people getting their blessing. 
That is where her dream of being a music artist began. 

And today that musical journey has rocketed FULL STEAM AHEAD for this vocal powerhouse of a talent!

With a vocal style similar to that of Wynonna Judd, don't be surprised if you hear the "growl" in this singer’s voice! She doesn’t have that twangy sound you often associate with country. It’s more of a "Country Soul" that you’ll hear in a Julie Seymore song.

Julie is signed with Steeple Country and recorded her first radio single in July of 2022 titled, "Leave that devil broke" written by Rachel Graves.  It was released to radio in September and has had great charting success. She has now released her second radio single "Faith Lift" written by Jack Todd Dickinson which is already climbing the charts.

DJ’s don’t miss sharing some great Faith Country (Soul) with your listeners! They’ll certainly enjoy what Julie brings to your listeners….