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Meet Kimberly Salmon

By Charles Brady, 2021-03-17

When it was time to name my new album the choice was easy for me.  I just always knew that I would somehow be “Bringin It Home”. 

My parents were the last of the family-owned dairy farmers in Anderson County. The big box milk companies ended a generation of ranchers in our family.
—home is where all my first happened. I never moved from home until the day I was married. My first steps, first coffee (as a dairy farmers kid you learn to drink coffee at a very early age as you are expected to milk cows before school) my first and every Christmas, and my first songs were all sung in the same house my parents still live in today. 

I was raised on the same farmland my dad was raised on, and our family roots are still firmly planted on FM 837.  Bradford is located on Hwy 19, about ½ way between Palestine and Athens. 

For years Bradford’s “claim to fame” was “May’s Café”. The café was in the Coon Creek area on Hwy 19.  May was a saucy, lively country woman who was just as original as her famous chicken fried steak!
 Her café is just a memory to the old timers now, but May was famous for stars stopping by to check in on May and have some of her famous all scratch recipe.  Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Hank William, Jr were found by locals in the café that only had 7 tables

In the 80’s the population of Bradford was approx. 20 residents. My family, church & neighbors made me who I am today. Singing is my light. I have never been one to close a door or blow the candle out when God is showing me a path. It has taken me 52 years to be able to record an album. My mom was very active in our church and had me singing on Sunday mornings at age 4.

 My trust in the Lord led me to Day Wind in Nashville. The producers could not have matched me better when he played me the demo of “The Pages”.

My husband told him immediately, through tears, that this was my song. We would be back to record it for sure, go ahead and line the band up!
“ The Pages” is so close to my heart. My husband Mark recently lost his mother. In her family bible that we inherited, there was so much history, little personal notes, obituaries from the paper, etc. It was a very emotional thing to look through. 

When the plan was being finalized for the video,   my mom originally was not in agreeance to be in the video. I played her the song again and told her how important it was for her to be in the video to me.  She never said a word, but she walked into the house and with tears she showed me where she had written my name in her bible on John 10:29, and it was highlighted from years ago.   Mom then simply said “well, I have to do this now”.

My background is service to others. I am a formerly certified paramedic and my family is the original and current volunteers of the Bradford VFD.  
 My life is now a full circle, I feel “now” is the right time and HIS plan is being revealed each day for me with my music.  With friends helping with contacts to DJ”S and musicians, to trying to call local churches to be a part of their schedule to sing means so much to me! 

I just ask you to please take a few minutes and let my song touch your heart the way others have said it does theirs. 

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Kimberly Salmon
About Kimberly Salmon

Hey ya’ll,

This is me, Kimberly Salmon. I’m just a good ‘ole country girl from the East Texas Area.  I’ve been singing in church since I was 4 and now I’m 52, and have recently had the opportunity to record my first CD with Daywind Studios in Nashville.  I went there to record some of my old favorite gospel songs that I’ve sung for years.  When I got through recording that day they ask me to come back to their other studio.  My husband and I went over there and they told us they thought I really had a lot of talent and wanted to know if I might be interested in listening to a couple of demos they had that they thought would really fit my voice well and they liked my “Texas twang”.  I said ok… I was shocked and honored.  The guy with Daywind told me.. not to make any decisions on this today.  Ya’ll go home and pray about it.  He started playing the song.  After the first verse, I looked over at my husband and he was crying big alligator tears and I was teared up too.  After the song was over, my husband looked and me and he looked at the guy from Daywind and he said, “I can tell you, we don’t have to go home and pray about this, cause she’s gonna sing that one.  

We had recently lost his mother, rather suddenly, and he had gotten their family Bible.  The things she had recorded in that Bible, the little side notes, were just historical to say the least.  After we were given the song, I ask my mom about the verse that’s in the song.  She got her old Bible out… the only verse in James 10 that was highlighted, was James 10:29.  I had previously ask her to be in the music video of this.  At that time, it became clear to her that she had to be in it.  

The video should come out on You Tube this week and I hope you all enjoy it. 
Kimberly Salmon- “ The Pages”.


Kimberly Salmon