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Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun

album: Radio Release
genre: Christian Country
Lorne Brinkman
About Lorne Brinkman

If someone would have told me about 15 years ago that I would be singing Country songs for Jesus, I probably would have scoffed. I never sang in public before, and secondly, I didn't even like country at the time. It is amazing however, how things change over the course of your life when the Lord guides you.
I remember when my wife introduced me to Rascal Flatts. After that, it was all over! I, who thought of myself "heavy metal" guy was now bitten by Country music.

As I, continued to explore other Country artists, I realized how much Country music was a big part of me. Country music reminded me of how I grew up on a small farm town and the many good old fashioned country farm values such as faith, family, work ethic, etc.. that I still cherish today.

Unfortunately, my faith in God was merely cultural and not personal. After moving away for college, it didn't take long before the real me came out and I walked away. I was living wildly and recklessly.  The years of my 20's were mostly about the "party life" and junk that goes with that.   Many poor decisions later I was 30 years old, and had nothing to show for my life.   My life was spiraling downward.  I felt trapped and was becoming increasingly depressed. Had I stayed the way I was, I probably would have died young.

It was age 31, when I finally returned to the Lord for real.  I was in my car and I had somehow tuned into Christian radio station, where Chuck Swindoll was preaching a sermon.  I felt as if he was speaking directly to me.   The love of the Lord had brought me to tears.  I remember crying out "Lord Please Forgive me a Sinner!".   After that prayer, I felt a new life rise in me.  I knew I was saved for real.   I remember saying to myself that "Whatever happens from now on, I don't have to be afraid anymore because my new Master will take care of me".

God had given me a clean slate and new start in life and I wasn't going to waste it this time.
Shortly afterward, I met my amazing wife and her 2 girls.   My wife and I married in 2005.  I knew in my heart God called me to be her husband and the father of her two girls..  My wife and girls have definitely been an inspiration behind some of my music.

During that time I felt that God was calling me into evangelism of some sort, however I did not know exactly what doors God would open up for me.  It wasn't until 2012, when the Lord, led me to sing a Third Day song called "Love Song" at church for the first time.  I received so many compliments that day, I realized that God had given me a gift.  After that I sang every opportunity I could get.  The Lord led me to write my first Country song. "What the Preacher Meant" in 2017.  I took a big step of faith and had it produced, and recorded in Nashville.  Although the song only received a small amount of radio play, it has developed a strong and growing following on social media to this day.   

My latest project is a song called "Broken Land".   I felt a leading from the Lord to write this for our Nation nearly 2 years ago.  I finally had the opportunity to get this song and several others produced and recorded in Nashville this last summer.  "Broken Land" was officially released in September 2020.  The Lord could not have picked better timing to have this song released, given this uncertain and chaotic time in our Nation.   I am praying that Broken Land can be a rally cry for believers all throughout our Country to humble themselves and pray like never before for the healing of our Land.
I hope to make an impact on Country Music by keeping alive it's storytelling tradition and helping preserve it's core values, faith, family, love, nature, hard work, etc.. These are all the things real Country stands for.

I believe God has called me to Country Music as a ministry. It's a wonderful platform to speak into peoples lives.  My message is simple. No matter how hopeless you feel; no matter how many mistakes you may have made in life; God gave his Son Jesus to die on the cross. He took your punishment.
If you put your trust in Jesus, God can legally forgive your sins and save you.  You can have the hope of Heaven.

I'm not a perfect saint.  I'm still a bit rough around the edges, but If God could save and change a guy like me... then he can DEFINITELY save YOU too. I look forward to singing with many other artists on stage some day

Sincerely, Lorne Brinkman

Online at: https://lornebrinkman.bandcamp.com