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Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem

album: Radio Release
genre: Jewish

Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem
Nancy Carpenter
About Nancy Carpenter

Music is such a beautiful way to express God’s love for all who are listening. As I was reading in Psalms one day, I saw the phrase “Sing unto the Lord a new song”. I asked God to help me to do so and He did. Faith was the key and God’s word unlocked the door. When I opened His word to the Psalms, to see if I could sing them for the first time, I began singing the words aloud as I read them.

I have always enjoyed music and singing with others. As a teenager,I sang at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs with Marjorie Lawrence’s Opera workshop, then later at First Methodist Church in the Annual Sacred Concert. Also, in Hot Springs

I was involved in the musical passion play, “The Witness”. I was in the chorus and later began singing solos in the roles of Mary and the wife of the apostle, Peter. I enjoyed doing this for seventeen glorious seasons. I loved sharing my faith and witnessing God’s word in this way.

Presently, I enjoy visiting my family and dear friends.I also love teaching music and singing beautiful songs inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.