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He Is Here

He Is Here

album: He Is Here
genre: Southern Gospel, Christian Country
Terry & Debra Luna
About Terry & Debra Luna

Mention “The Bakersfield Sound” and the first names that come to mind might be Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Tommy Collins or Joe and Rose Lee Maphis. Add to that list Terry & Debra Luna and their own style of West Coast Country Gospel. The husband-and-wife team of singer-songwriters perform their own material; inspirational songs that are encouraging, uplifting, sometimes fun, some poignant and reflective; all with that “Bakersfield Sound.” “All of the songs come from real-life experiences,” says Debra, “God allows us to share those life lessons and words of encouragement to others. Every song has a story and the duo are often asked to share the “story behind the song” while ministering in church services. The Lunas were recently awarded The Duo of the Year Award (2018) from the International Country Gospel Music Association (ICGMA.)

Online at: http://www.thelunasonline.com