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John Dear 3:16

album: Radio Release
genre: Christian Country

John Dear 3:16
The Hills
About The Hills

Jim & Jeni Hill is a Christian Ministry of Song and Testimony. They are best known as a good ole gospel music ministry featuring songs that Jeni has written and produced by Sherrie Brewster and BGSSA (Branson Singer Songwriter Association).

Also, you’ll hear some southern, bluegrass, country, and little contemporary music.

Over the years of ministry Jim and Jeni has performed with groups that opened for the Kingsman, the Spear Family, and collaborated performances with the MaHarrey Family and Scott Roberts. As a child Jeni sang on KXOW Radio with her family the Chambers.

Jeni and Jim have been blessed to sing over several internet radio programs as they performed with BGSSA.

In 2010, Jeni had three songs released and made the charts thanks to Sherrie Brewster. Jeni feels very blessed that their message is being received around the world.

“Three Nails One Cross Forgiven”, “God is still in Control” and “I see Jesus” (which was written for their grandson who had been diagnosed with Leukemia) 

This new song that is being released is “John Dear 316”. The song tells the story and was written after another grandson was trying to memorize John 3:16.

Jim & Jeni Hill enjoy serving the Lord. Their intent is to be an access point of worship, praise and bringing souls to Christ in any service they are blessed to attend or minister in.

You can contact Jim & Jeni through Facebook at Jeni Hill.  You can also email them at jhillvhill@gmail.com or give them call at 501-762-7996.