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Grandma We Still Miss You

album: Radio Release
genre: Country

Grandma We Still Miss You
The Rauches
About The Rauches

Paul and Teresa Rauch have been married for over forty years and have been singing together from almost day one.  Paul is a songwriter, author, poet, ventriloquist, singer and speaker.  He has had two books of poetry published and several other books in process.  He has written over 500 songs of which most are Gospel/Christian oriented.  He was also licensed to the ministry in the late 1970's.

Paul spent 10 ½ years on kidney dialysis before getting a kidney transplant in 2005 and it is still working by God’s grace.  Also, at one  point he got a staph infection in his right foot and the doctors wanted to amputate his leg.  However, through the power of prayer from many people, the infection was healed and the bones started regrowing – a medical impossibility.

Another thing Paul likes to do is to tell jokes and cheer people up. When Teresa is asked how she has put up with for all these years, she simply replies “I just work a lot of hours.”