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That's What I Do

album: Radio Release
genre: Southern Gospel

That's What I Do
The Trinity Heirs
About The Trinity Heirs

The Trinity Heirs, of Richmond, Kentucky, accepted the call to gospel music ministry in 1990.  The founding members were Ronnie Sparks, his wife, Beverly Holman Sparks, and her brother, Dale Holman. Beverly and Dale wrote many of the songs which the trio sung and recorded during the first 16 years of their ministry.  Dale was also called to preach, and after those years, he felt the need to leave the group due to his multiple health problems and the need for a lighter schedule. With the exception of the group forming another trio, years later, for a seven-year period, Ronnie and Beverly have continued with the ministry as a duet but occasionally their son, Brian Sparks, will sing along with them or he may sing as a soloist from time to time.  When they have the opportunity, they often share the incredible testimony of his journey of life with cerebral palsy.  The group is eager to share their songs and testimonies to a lost and hurting world.

Songwriting has always been an important part of their ministry and Beverly has written over 70 songs which have been recorded by The Trinity Heirs. Her songs have been described as “story” and “message” songs and songs with “meat” in them. The group’s songwriting and vocals are very unique and anointed.  Beverly says, “We pray our heartfelt, original songs will challenge, encourage and inspire you; cause you to smile or cry tears of comfort and joy; and make an eternal difference in your life.”  They have also recorded a few cover songs and some songs written by her brother, Dale, who continued singing and preaching as much as his health allowed after leaving the group.  He later became founder and pastor of Living Waters Sanctuary, in Berea, Kentucky, where he continued to serve until the Lord called him home in 2018.
While they have enjoyed singing on cruises, a flight to sing at a church in California, singing on promotional showcases, radio tours, television programs, previous recordings with a major record label (Eddie Crook Company/MorningStar Records), having some song-charting success, and some gospel music award nominations, they claim their most exciting and rewarding experiences have been those in which souls were saved, touched, or helped by God working through them in their ministry.  Their desire is to be the first partakers of the message they bring.  Their calling and goal remain to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs and testimonies, pointing the lost to Jesus and bringing encouragement to the body of Christ, all for the glory of God.

Online at http://www.trinityheirs.com