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Meet Kimberly Salmon

By Charles Brady, 2021-03-17

When it was time to name my new album the choice was easy for me.  I just always knew that I would somehow be “Bringin It Home”. 

My parents were the last of the family-owned dairy farmers in Anderson County. The big box milk companies ended a generation of ranchers in our family.
—home is where all my first happened. I never moved from home until the day I was married. My first steps, first coffee (as a dairy farmers kid you learn to drink coffee at a very early age as you are expected to milk cows before school) my first and every Christmas, and my first songs were all sung in the same house my parents still live in today. 

I was raised on the same farmland my dad was raised on, and our family roots are still firmly planted on FM 837.  Bradford is located on Hwy 19, about ½ way between Palestine and Athens. 

For years Bradford’s “claim to fame” was “May’s Café”. The café was in the Coon Creek area on Hwy 19.  May was a saucy, lively country woman who was just as original as her famous chicken fried steak!
 Her café is just a memory to the old timers now, but May was famous for stars stopping by to check in on May and have some of her famous all scratch recipe.  Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Hank William, Jr were found by locals in the café that only had 7 tables

In the 80’s the population of Bradford was approx. 20 residents. My family, church & neighbors made me who I am today. Singing is my light. I have never been one to close a door or blow the candle out when God is showing me a path. It has taken me 52 years to be able to record an album. My mom was very active in our church and had me singing on Sunday mornings at age 4.

 My trust in the Lord led me to Day Wind in Nashville. The producers could not have matched me better when he played me the demo of “The Pages”.

My husband told him immediately, through tears, that this was my song. We would be back to record it for sure, go ahead and line the band up!
“ The Pages” is so close to my heart. My husband Mark recently lost his mother. In her family bible that we inherited, there was so much history, little personal notes, obituaries from the paper, etc. It was a very emotional thing to look through. 

When the plan was being finalized for the video,   my mom originally was not in agreeance to be in the video. I played her the song again and told her how important it was for her to be in the video to me.  She never said a word, but she walked into the house and with tears she showed me where she had written my name in her bible on John 10:29, and it was highlighted from years ago.   Mom then simply said “well, I have to do this now”.

My background is service to others. I am a formerly certified paramedic and my family is the original and current volunteers of the Bradford VFD.  
 My life is now a full circle, I feel “now” is the right time and HIS plan is being revealed each day for me with my music.  With friends helping with contacts to DJ”S and musicians, to trying to call local churches to be a part of their schedule to sing means so much to me! 

I just ask you to please take a few minutes and let my song touch your heart the way others have said it does theirs. 

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These Colors Don't Run

By Charles Brady, 2020-10-02

We just received a note from Vickie Paxton regarding the creation of the song "These Colors Don't Run"

( "Gary S. Paxton and I had eaten at Mc Farlands in Branson,  MO. It was after the horrific 9/11. A van pulled up beside us to park. In the back window was a red, white and blue sign that said "THESE COLORS DON'T  RUN!" Gary got his notebook out and wrote the song!! )

Admin note: If you ever knew Gary S Paxton you'd know he was never far away from a stack of composition books and a pocket full of pens! He was a song writing machine!  

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Ken Mann - The One Mann Band

By Charles Brady, 2019-12-28

Ken Mann & The One Mann Band

Within hours after suffering a heart attack this past summer, I realized that this had been more than a physical event. It had impacted me deep in my soul. As much as I love my family, church, friends and community, there have been times during the recovery that I just needed to get away. When I would feel a little overwhelmed, I would retreat to the studio, where I could spend some quiet time with God.  Often during these times of prayer and meditation, I would play the piano. One old song, which came to me often was, “Be Thou My Vision”. Although the words are beautiful, I fell in love with the melody even more, but in my head, I heard it differently than the way it was originally composed. I could hear a different beat with horns and strings.  

One day I was listening to the radio and a song came on that the announcer called Electronic Dance Music. You may have heard Dolly Parton has recently released an Electronic Dance Music song called “Faith” with Galantis, so I began to wonder if I could apply that same technology to “Be Thou My Vision” but create traditional sounds like I had been hearing in my head. From there, came ten more songs, from my favorite hymn books and a new album was born. 

All of the notes, chords and other data were played (entered) on a Yamaha digital piano keyboard, into a computer. Synthesizer software was used to record it into DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software for editing and mixing. I have to admit I felt guilty and almost afraid to tell the other musicians I play with, what I had done. The voicing of real instruments is different and the way they are played is so different than how you play a piano, for example, you strum a six-string guitar chord, whereas you can play many more notes in a piano chord, all at one time. With the help of the software, creating loops and listening to the live performances of my fellow musicians, I thoroughly enjoyed trying to duplicate the sound of the real instruments. 

But, don’t think too much about how the album was created, just enjoy the melodies and harmonies of the music. Recording it brought me a great peace, at a time when I really needed it. Unlike cardiac rehab for my heart, this album was therapy for my soul. I pray it will be the same for you.  We almost called the album “Heart Attack” but finally settle on “ONE Mann BAND”. 

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By Charles Brady, 2019-10-08

Biography for Angela Seng

I was exposed to music at an early age. I quickly developed a love for music and singing. My mom sings and plays the piano and auto harp by ear. I also sing by ear however I cannot play an instrument or read music. I do have a natural ability for memorization. I use it to memorize the lyrics as well as the sound of the music. I have been singing since I was 5 years old. During those early years, I had a lot of living room concerts singing to my dolls using a hairbrush for a microphone. I loved to sing especially in the car. I knew every song that came on the radio.

Growing up, I was exposed to different genres of music. Every Saturday night my parents watched HEE HAW exposing me to the sounds of country music. Sunday’s we always went to church where I learned to love Gospel music. I will never forget my mom buying me my first 45 record. It was a pop song by The BEE GEES.

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was 5 years old. I gave my heart to The Lord, after hearing The Song Masters share the gospel in song. There was a lady in that group named Deborah. I thought she had the most beautiful voice and I wanted to grow up and sing just like her. Years later I would get to meet her again and share my testimony, with the woman known as Deborah Talley of The Talley Trio.

When I was 12 years old, my dad was called to preach. It was at that time during my teenage years, I developed crippling stage fright. Although I continued to sing I battled with fear for more than 3 decades. My senior year in high school I received a Superior rating in the Kentucky Music Education Association’s Solo Competition. I also made All District Chorus but was still unable to conquer my fear.

Although I had no idea at the time, God was preparing me for this journey. He used my first job as a radio disc jockey to get me comfortable talking on the radio. God used video taped church services aired on local television stations to get me comfortable in front of the camera and church dramas to get me ready for the theatre stage. God used music ministers Bryan Stewart and Allen Case to mentor and encourage me. I also trained for over 2 years under vocal coach Mitzi Lynch. It has been a life long journey orchestrated by God that has led me to this place and time.

In 2012 and 2014 I recorded my first and second CD projects The Gift and The Gospel to the World. Both projects received local radio air play and on air interviews.

One year later in August of 2015 my dream of singing in Branson and recording with a live band in Nashville was born. It would take 2 years and a test of obedience before God connected me with Sherrie Brewster and The BGSSA allowing my dream of singing in Branson to come true in August 2017. It was during this same time I was recording my current project “Dream Big” at Harvest Studios in Huntington West Virginia. Although I never got to record in Nashville. God would provide guitarist Mark Stephens, who has played on The Grand Ole Opry to play on several songs on the Dream Big project. Later God would answer the Nashville part of my dream in a way I could have never imagined.

I was blessed to have Michael Rowsey, (Jason Crabb’s former drummer) play on the Dream Big project. It was an honor to have his father, John Darin Rowsey of “The Guardians” singing background vocals. I was also blessed to work with producer Dale Scragg former drummer for (Karen Peck and New River) on the Dream Big project.

October 2017 I attended the Empower Conference hosted by The Talley Trio. I was mentored on proper breathing, annunciation, caring for the voice, stage presence and aspects of the music business. Two weeks later on November 12, 2017 I was singing on stage at The Baldknobbers Theatre in Branson during a Sunday morning worship service hosted by Barbara Fairchild and her husband Roy Morris. Who have both become dear friends of my husband Wayne and I.

My musical journey continued in March and April of 2018 singing in Branson with the BGSSA and becoming a board member of The Kentucky Southern Gospel Music Singing Convention. Followed by my first performance in June 2018 in The Jammin For Jesus Concert at the Baldknobbers Theatre in Branson.

In October 2018 I was voted The Branson Gospel Singer Songwriter Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year. I was also a finalist in the category of Gospel Artist of the Year with the BGSSA.

In November 2018, I was voted in the top five in the category of Soloist of the Year with Calvary’s Way Gospel Music Promotions. Although I am very honored to receive these awards and titles. I have never been too caught up in numbers or awards. When I die all my earthly awards will be left behind. What I’ve done for Christ is all that is going to last. As far as crowds go, I would rather sing to one child. Who takes the message to heart than 10,000 who just want to be entertained.

My story would not be complete if I did not share about our doll ministry. We call Dolls on Mission. My mom and I take used Barbie dolls and restore them to like new condition and send them out with missionaries and mission teams around the world. Since the ministry began in 2016 our dolls have been delivered to Africa, Australia, Alabama Belize,Brazil, Costa Rico, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, Honduras, Haiti, India, Kosovo, Mexico, The Philippines, and The Yucatán Peninsula.

My music is all about ministry and bringing God praise. I love to sing at senior care centers ministering to those suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The music gets through when nothing else does, for that short window of time. I get to see them smile often even singing along.

March 2019 I was blessed with the opportunity to sing in The Gary S. Paxton Tribute II held at The Hughes Brothers Theatre in Branson. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Gary S. Paxton. His music has impacted my life.

God has ordered my steps, orchestrating my journey for such a time as this. Although God has allowed my music to be heard around the world on Internet radio. Up until now I have never had the opportunity to chart a song. I’m thankful that God led me to Branson and The BGSSA. Where I met Sherrie Brewster. Who has been instrumental in making this dream come true.

In closing I would like to inspire those by my own story. Who are trapped by fear and stage fright to find freedom by placing your trust in Christ leaving fear at the foot of the cross and stepping out on faith sharing the Good News with boldness to the world.

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Voice Of Truth Quartet

By Charles Brady, 2019-04-17

“He Forgets My Sin” is a song that hits home to everyone that here’s it. When we sing it in concert it reaches out to every person in the room. Every sinner needs a Saviour. It doesn’t take a wandering sinner long to find a waiting Saviour. We all have scars from the sins of our past but we are redeemed by His Amazing Grace. Let this song be a reminder to you that even though you have sinned and have your regrets, when He sees the Blood that’s when He Forgets!

Voice of Truth Quartet is four guys trying to be one voice, singing about one message, which is Jesus Christ. There are a lot of reasons to be out there singing, but some things just make it extra special. Such as, the little lady that you can visibly see God ministering to in the service that night. The man named Scotty, while on his way to take his life that Sunday morning, felt the Holy Spirit pulling him into the church. When we finished singing, Scotty gave his heart to Jesus that day. That is what this is all about! It’s all about pointing people to Jesus!

Voice of Truth Quartet consists of Jonathan Harris- bass, Paul Holden- lead, Ken Dodd - baritone, and Scott Edwards - tenor.

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Gary Gard

By Charles Brady, 2019-04-01

Gary Gard has announced the release of his first Gospel CD, “Songs The Old Man Sang”. The album is a collection of 9 original songs and a medley of 3 old favorites.

Gary has been performing for most of his life, from the first time he stepped onto the stage at around age 11, to sit-in gigs in Hawaii and California while in the US Navy, to singing with the Southern Gospel group, “Country Sonshine” in the 80’s. Gary took a break from performing for more than 20 years to spend more time with his family. After retiring in 2008, Gary resumed performing, playing “solo gigs” around the Tidewater area and on the Outer Banks of NC.

For the last few years, Gary has concentrated on Writing and recording. The Release of “Songs The Old Man Sang”, marks Gary’s return to Gospel Music.

You can contact Gary at (757) 215-5841 or by email at garygard1@verizon.net and on Facebook at either Gary Gard or Gary Gard Solo Artist

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By Charles Brady, 2019-01-21

This song, “You Are Mine,” I have dedicated to my dear friend and producer, Sherrie Brewster. It first started as a poem I wrote for her as a message from God at a moment when her pain from betrayal and broken relationship. I felt as I wrote it that God would use it to help her through the trying days, weeks and months ahead… and it has. I also believe it will touch the lives of so many who are, have or will face difficult times in their lives. God is speaking directly to you today, “You Are Mine,” and I love you. His promise to us is, He will never leave us, never forsake us, and will be with us to the end. Hebrews 13:5 He always keeps His promises.


Roy Lormis

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By Charles Brady, 2019-01-12

Destiny" is a CD that reflects the sisters' love of variety in Gospel Music. Their songs always are Biblical and reflect a love from God to mankind, reminding us that He is the one who leads and guides us … even through dark times in life … making us into the individual He wants us to be.

To learn more about HEARTS OF FAITH and hear their music, visit their website at:

http://www.heartsoffaith.biz. They also invite you to visit them on Facebook at:

“Friends of Hearts of Faith”.

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Maaziah Mountain

By Charles Brady, 2018-10-03

Jim and April Upton (Maaziah Mountain) began making music together before they were married in 1985. They continued performing Jim’s original compositions together as a couple, then as a family group as their children grew.

Over the years the make-up of the band changed, sometimes even the group’s name changed, but the focus always remained on Jim’s original songs. April, the voice of Maaziah Mountain, has been compared to Allison Krauss, Suzy Bogus, and Karen Carpenter. Their musical stylings were referred to by one radio personality as folk music played with bluegrass instruments. Some of their tunes are true Americana, but overall their music displays clear country, folk, bluegrass and gospel influences.

By the dawning of the year 2017, Jim and April’s musical journey had slowed to a stand-still. Their children and others who had played with them had moved on. “We really had no clear direction or vision for our music any longer,” said Jim. Early that year, however, the hand of Providence seemed to be moving in a new direction. Jim was reconnected to an old friend, Ron Adams, whose wife, Gemma, was in the process of recording an album in Nashville with gospel and inspirational country music legend, Chuck Day. During this process, Ron and Gemma had given Chuck some of Jim and April’s music. As a result, Chuck invited Jim and April to come to Nashville and record a song or two with him. That recording session evolved into a five song EP – The Kingdom Bound.

The first song released to radio (the title cut) rose to #45 on the Inspirational Country Music chart. Other releases are scheduled for the future and for Jim and April and Maaziah Mountain . . . the journey continues . . .

Online At: http://www.maaziahmountain.com

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Troy Richardson

By Charles Brady, 2018-09-11

Songwriter/Singer sharing the gospel through song. Loves the Lord and loves ministering in song to encourage and uplift hurting souls. Winner of the 2018 Josie Award Entertainer of the Year Christian/Gospel. We truly thank God for all He is doing.

Online at http://www.troyrichardsonmusic.com

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