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The Craguns
About The Craguns

The Craguns are a dynamic, family group, comprised of husband and wife, Jordan and Elena Cragun, Ray Cragun (Jordan’s Father) and Savannah Cragun (Jordan’s Sister). 

Ray and Victoria Cragun were married on May 26, 1984 and shortly after saying I do, the couple entered full time ministry together when they accepted the call to pastor. They served together in this capacity for 25 years. 

During that time, they raised 6 ministry minded children. Music was always a huge part of ministry for the family, as they would sing together during church services, revivals, and camp meetings. As the kids grew older and slowly started leaving home, they would almost all take ministry positions around the country, following in their parent’s footsteps of loving Jesus and serving him with their lives and careers.

In 2013 God officially brought the Cragun family together again from different ministry positions, to embark on the musical journey of a lifetime!

Ray Cragun had just retired from pastoring and Jordan Cragun (Ray’s oldest son) had Just resigned from his former position with another musical group. God started aligning all the pieces for the family to reunite in a powerful way, to do something they had always dreamed of doing... Touring together, in full time Gospel Music. 

Since that time, The Craguns have quickly endeared themselves to national & international audiences, touring from coast to coast and different parts of the world.

They are especially recognized by their warm, smooth harmony and strong spiritual emphasis.