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My Constant Savior

album: Daywind Radio Compilation JUNE 2024
genre: Bluegrass, Bluegrass Gospel, Southern Gospel

My Constant Savior
Donna Ulisse
About Donna Ulisse

Nashville, Tenn. August 18, 2023 - Donna Ulisse's career has been marked by significant praise and recognition for her incredible music releases. Today, she presents her newest offering, "Where the Mountain Lilies Grow." This single is currently available and is slated to be featured on Ulisse's upcoming project with Billy Blue Records.
As the banjo and fiddle introduce the beautifully infectious melody, Ulisse begins a story - painting a vivid picture of a timeless tale of love rooted in the mountains amidst fields dotted with mountain lilies. The mellow and gently relaxed arrangement and instrumentation serves as an ideal backdrop to highlight Ulisse's skillful and adept vocal abilities.
Regarding writing the song, Ulisse explains, “’Where the Mountain Lillies Grow’ is a true story about my husband’s great uncle, Carson Stanley, and his most beloved wife, Ella Rose. I am blessed to have known them both and to have actually had the honor to sing a few mountain songs with Ella Rose. When I shared this love story with ‘The Mighty Cord,’ Larry Cordle, that was it! Our pens never stopped until the mountain lilies bloomed.”

In "Where the Mountain Lilies Grow," Donna Ulisse delivers not just a song, but a heartfelt journey that intertwines love, tradition, and musical finesse. This single stands as a testament to her ability to craft music that resonates deeply, inviting listeners to connect with the emotions woven into every note. As we eagerly await her upcoming project under Billy Blue Records, "Where the Mountain Lilies Grow" gives us a taste of the magic that is yet to come from this talented artist.
Jerry Salley – Producer/harmony vocals
Jake Stargel - acoustic guitar
Evan Winsor - upright Bass
Nate Burie -mandolin
Greg Davis - banjo
Jeff Partin - dobro 
Jason Barie – harmony vocals
Rick Stanley - harmony vocals
Chris Latham – Engineer
Mixed by Stephen Burwell

Donna Ulisse, Larry Cordle.
Uncle Hadley Music (ASCAP)/ Wandachord Music (BMI)

ISRC - US3U82300195