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Radio Release

Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem

Nancy Carpenter
About Nancy Carpenter

I’ve enjoyed singing and being in musical productions all my life. So after I became a Christian, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be Mary in the the musical passion play “The Witness “ in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  But because of a horrible car accident, which left me with less mobility, I could only be that part occasionally. I sang other smaller roles such as Peter’s wife. I loved this way of bringing the gospel to many people at a time and remained in the cast for 17 years. I believe that my experience in “The Witness” gave me a closer relationship with Jesus and prepared me to receive many Holy Spirit songs in the coming years.                             

One day God gave me “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” and I soon found an accompanist who had been blessed with the ability to play accompaniment to my song. I feel the presence of the Lord urging me to get this song to many people around the world who will join in praying for the peace of Jerusalem and salvation of Israel.