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Rick Webb Family

published10/26/15 08:00:00PM

The Rick Webb Family Celebrate their 30th year of Music Ministry with a strong heritage and wonderful memories!

Rick and Phyllis Webb began their professional music journey in 1978 with the internationally acclaimed vocal group ReGeneration directed by vocal orchestrater Derric Johnson. The ten singers traveled 100,000 miles, reaching more than a million lives in over 500 live performances each year. Disney World appreciated the group so much that they annually showcased ReGeneration. In 1983, Derric Johnson’s singers became the The Voices of Liberty, the host group for EPCOT Center’s American Pavilion. It was during this time Rick and long time friend Kevin Miles began the male duo ministry of Miles and Webb. Rick and Kevin traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada accompanying some of the leading pastors and ministries of today. In addition to the itinerate ministry of Miles and Webb,...

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The Ball Brothers

published10/26/15 08:00:00PM

Anyone who thinks a Christian young person is "missing out" on something, has obviously never met the Ball Brothers. These brothers, Andrew, Daniel, Stephen and Josh are young, exciting and love to have a good time doing what God has called them to do. "We like to have fun!", says Daniel. "No one told us siblings couldn't be best friends." The bond these brothers have is an integral part of their unique musical blend. Their youthful energy is apparent to all who meet them and enjoy their exciting live performances. The Ball Brothers showcase a creative confidence and intuitive grasp of harmony that would be rare in artists twice their age.

Central Illinois, where the guys grew up, is more known for flat farm land, than singers. Yet at an early age, The Ball Brothers began practicing the beautiful harmonies that would catapult them into the spotlight. When they began singing with their family, these young...

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Sign Up For Radio Music News

published08/30/21 04:00:00AM

DJ's can sign up and get the latest music releases for broadcast purposes. Please note that we only supply music to properly licensed radio stations. We do NOT provide music for podcasts or other unlicensed use. 

Thank you,

Admin- RadioMusicDJ

Email:  musictoradio@gmail
Link to purchase a song release: http://www.RadioMusicGroup.com/select

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Troy Richardson

published09/11/18 11:41:00AM

Songwriter/Singer sharing the gospel through song. Loves the Lord and loves ministering in song to encourage and uplift hurting souls. Winner of the 2018 Josie Award Entertainer of the Year Christian/Gospel. We truly thank God for all He is doing.

Online at http://www.troyrichardsonmusic.com

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published10/08/19 07:36:00AM

Biography for Angela Seng

I was exposed to music at an early age. I quickly developed a love for music and singing. My mom sings and plays the piano and auto harp by ear. I also sing by ear however I cannot play an instrument or read music. I do have a natural ability for memorization. I use it to memorize the lyrics as well as the sound of the music. I have been singing since I was 5 years old. During those early years, I had a lot of living room concerts singing to my dolls using a hairbrush for a microphone. I loved to sing especially in the car. I knew every song that came on the radio.

Growing up, I was exposed to different genres of music. Every Saturday night my parents watched HEE HAW exposing me to the sounds of country music. Sunday’s we always went to church where I learned to love Gospel music. I will never forget my mom buying me my first 45 record. It was a pop song by The BEE GEES.


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Joe Richard

published08/23/21 02:38:00PM

Joe Richard writes and records Christian Country music with a little bit of a modern grit added in. His music is written to reach young men and women who listen to new country music. He calls his music, "Kickin Country Gospel"  

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The Story Behind The Song "Sharecropper And Son by Sherry White

published01/01/23 04:33:00PM

My grandmother Rossie Lula Shaw (Thomas) was the daughter of a sharecropper. When her dad Robert Lee Shaw and older brother Charlie went to collect their well earned wages her dad was shot in the hip by the landowner and his son Charlie was shot in the leg by his wife.


After a night of unimaginable suffering and uncertainty the dawn finally broke. Robert Lee was put on a train bound for Georgia where he was hospitalized. His life was spared but the bullets remained in both men until the day they died.


The landowner finally settled the debt by giving the family two mules. 


After my great grandfather Robert Lee Shaw passed away in Lake Butler the family...

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