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Kevin Kappler
About Kevin Kappler

Born in southern Missouri, Kevin began his journey into Christian music at about 10 years of age in his home church on stage singing gospel music. With over 20 years experience Kevin has traveled as a vocalist and an evangelist in Word while serving in a pastoral role for several years in various areas with a strong emphasis on leading worship and building worship teams. He is a US Missionary to Law Enforcement Chaplaincy with the Assemblies of God and a commissioned officer who serves as a Chaplain to various law enforcement first responder agencies in southeast MO. Kevin has completed several solo albums and has garnered several #1’s and Top 10’s along with three music videos in Christian Country. In addition, he has performed in Branson at Silver Dollar City theme park as well as Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. Kevin was married to his wife Sharon in July of 1986. They have two boys Kris and Kraig.

In the middle of 2020, when police officers were being defunded, spit on, and abused, Kevin Kappler received a "calling" to become an officer to minister to other officers and first responders.  At age 53, he went through the Police Academy with 20-somethings, which "nearly killed me," he says with a laugh, but he graduated as a commissioned officer with the respect of fellow graduates.  Kevin is now the Missouri Chaplain to Police Officers and First Responders throughout the state.  He also travels and sings, much like a missionary, to raise money for his ministry.  The funding goes to reach, support, and counsel the men on the thin blue line who serve us daily.  He uses singing to break the ice and make himself available for prayer and counseling first responders.