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Joseph Habedank Releases Change Is Coming

By Charles Brady, 2021-05-04
Joseph Habedank Releases Change Is Coming

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (APRIL 30, 2021) -- The highly anticipated album from Joseph Habedank, Change Is Coming, is available today.

The first single from the album, “Religion Isn’t Working,” released to radio at the beginning of April, and is quickly climbing the charts. 

Director of Artist and Label Relations for Daywind Music Group, Dusty Wells, shares “This new project, Change Is Coming, will be a career album for Joseph. It’s the record he was destined to make. The songs and heart behind it will challenge, encourage, and motivate listeners into a new place with Jesus. I am so proud of Joseph for stepping out and bringing us music that will certainly comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. After all, that is what we are all called to do.”

"The topics I chose to address when writing this record are very near and dear to my heart," says Joseph. "I encourage listeners to truly listen to the lyrics and the message behind each song, because something is on the horizon... change is coming."

“This song grabs the listener in what sounds like a shocking statement.  Once you hear the sentiment of the song, I think every Christian has felt this way.  It gets beyond the pomp and circumstance and goes straight to our relationship with Jesus.  It is a reminder that we all need.”

-Greg Goodman, host of the Singing News Top Twenty Weekly Countdown

“The topics that Joseph Habedank deal with on this new record may not be new, but he brings perspectives that are refreshing and awe-inspiring."

-Christian Voice Magazine

“The album's most arresting track is the record's lead single "Religion Isn't Working." This power-ballad speaks of how a man's frustrations with the pretence of religion comes to a breaking point. Longing for something that is real, Habedank's dramatic unfailing of the song's emotions deserves multiple standing ovations."

-Timothy Yap, Jubilee Cast

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John Darin Rowsey Re-Signs with Daywind Music Publishing

Pictured from left to right: Rick Shelton, John Darin Rowsey, Joe Dan Cornett

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (April 23, 2021) -- Daywind Music Publishing is pleased to announce that Dove Award-winning songwriter John Darin Rowsey is extending his sixteen-year relationship with the company.

John Darin Rowsey began his singing career in front of a live audience at the age of eleven and went on to establish the beloved trio New Journey in 1985. The songs he was writing for New Journey attracted the attention of industry veteran Niles Borop who signed Rowsey to his first publishing deal with Centergy Music in 1993. During this prolific time, Rowsey wrote “Singing with the Saints,” which became the title track of a platinum-selling Bill and Gloria Gaither Homecoming video that remains among the best- selling Christian videos of all time. He began singing with Karen Peck & New River in 2000, for whom he wrote several number 1 hits including “I Want to Know How It Feels,” recognized as a top 10 song of the 2000-2010 decade. Daywind Music Publishing became Rowsey’s songwriting home in 2004. He joined The Guardians in 2012, leading to three of his songs reaching the number 1 position on the national charts. Rowsey has also served his local church, Christ Temple Church in Huntington, WV, for years as director of worship, leading a 60-voice choir. His Easter musical, Messiah Overcame, received the Dove Award for Musical of the Year in 2020.  

“Daywind feels like family,” says Rowsey. “I’m so thankful that they continue to open new doors for their writers and never rest on their many laurels. This long-standing relationship has proven that to me.”

Rick Shelton, vice president of Daywind Music Publishing adds, “when you talk about talent, John is loaded with it. He is a wonderful singer, exceptional pianist, and  incredible songwriter. But his character, integrity, and love for people outshine his very bright talent. He is a dear member of our Daywind family. I’m excited about what is yet to come for John and his songs!”

Daywind Music Publishing is home to an award-winning roster of songwriters including Lee Black, Riley Harrison Clark, Jason Cox, Natalie Cromwell, Janice Crow, Marty Funderburk, Joseph Habedank, Mike Harland, Wayne Haun, Devin McGlamery, Tim Lovelace, Karen Peck Gooch, John Darin Rowsey, Belinda Smith, Sue Smith, Barry Weeks, Dianne Wilkinson, and Nathan Woodard.

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Daywind Signs Southbound!

By Charles Brady, 2021-04-27
Daywind Signs Southbound!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (APRIL 26, 2021) -- Daywind Music Group is thrilled to announce a fantastic addition of Southbound to its roster of talented artists and songwriters. This brand new Southern Gospel trio is made up of talented songwriters and musicians Jody Braselton, Seth Elbe, and Clint Brown, and was born from a desire to sing songs they grew up singing and take this legacy music and brand new songs to believers and non-believers (yet) alike.   

“Daywind Records has always represented and been home to many of the best-of-the-best in our wonderful world of Southern Gospel music,” says Dusty Wells, director of artist and label relations for Daywind. “When I first heard Southbound, I couldn’t quit listening to the songs we had. I knew these guys needed to be a part of our family. Clint, Seth, and Jody all have such amazing talents and gifts, but more importantly is the anointing that rests on each of them.  It takes everything to a new level. They absolutely love Southern Gospel music. It is a daily part of their lives now and what they all grew up on. I love how they honor the artists that were such a part of their lives growing up. I can’t say enough about each of them and what they will bring to others. Our team is absolutely thrilled to walk alongside Southbound, and we cannot wait to help take their music and stories to a world that is so desperately in need of hope and healing. Get ready, this music will move you!”

Clint Brown adds, “for years Southern Gospel music has been the soundtrack of my life. I never dreamed that after recording over twenty albums and singing around the world, that I would be blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the incredible legacy this record label has created. To get the honor of saying that I am a Daywind artist is a dream come true for me. I am honored to join artists and industry professionals that helped frame my musical journey. Thank you to the Daywind family, we are truly honored.”

Southbound member Seth Elbe says, “my life has always been filled with music. My family roots run deep in Southern Gospel music. I learned how Bible-based lyrics and intricate harmonies form beautiful songs that minister to the hearts and minds of people all over the world. I grew up as a pastor’s kid ministering in local churches using Daywind soundtracks and feel so honored to now be a part of the Daywind family. Singing in Southbound with two of my best friends is the greatest blessing and we’re so excited about teaming up with Daywind for this amazing journey.”

Jody Braselton recalls, “as a child, I remember listening to the Hinsons, the Cathedrals, and the Kingsmen for the first time and feeling blown away by the harmonies and powerful lyrics. I remember driving to the bookstore to purchase my favorite Daywind accompaniment tracks and signing with them every Sunday at church. I feel very fortunate to now be a part of the family at Daywind.”

Southbound will release its first single to Southern Gospel radio soon, and is booking dates across the country. Be on the lookout for the new album and start following them on their social media pages. Added Daywind president Ed Leonard, “once you hear the music, you will be a believer in Southbound’s calling and vision, too!”

Daywind Music Group is home to an award-winning roster of artists including Adam Crabb, Blackwood Brothers, Crabb Family, Brian Free & Assurance, Greater Vision, HighRoad, Jim & Melissa Brady, Joseph Habedank, Karen Peck & New River, the LeFevre Quartet, Mark Lowry, Michael Booth, Nelons, The Sound, Southbound, Tim Menzies, Tribute Quartet, and Wilburn & Wilburn. Daywind is distributed to retail through New Day Christian Distributors and the Orchard, covering all physical, digital and streaming outlets.

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Sign Up For Radio Music News

By Charles Brady, 2016-12-19

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